Suppository Testing


Suppository and pessaries disintegration testers

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Pharma Test Suppository Testing

Pharma Test’s range of Suppository Testing Instruments:
1-    PTS 3E is a manual suppository and pessaries disintegration tester in compliance to German DAB Pharmacopoeia and EP monograph <>. The total testing period could be pre-set within a range of 1 minute to 10 hours. The sample baskets turn automatically every 10 minutes through 180 degrees as specified in the related monograph.
2-    SPT-6 is a Suppository Penetration Test Assembly that determines the softening time of 6 samples simultaneously. It can be connected to PTZ Auto or PTZ-S tablet disintegration test instrument.
3-    PTSW-0 Suppository Dissolution Test Cell is a Rotating Dialysis Cell which is inserted into a standard tablet dissolution testing instrument to test the rate of lipophilic carriers and dissolved active of suppositories.