Multi-Zone ART Workstation Class II


Providing sample, user and environmental protection.

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Esco Multi-Zone ART Workstation Class II

The comes Esco Multi-Zone ART Workstation Class II with the following features:

- Touchscreen Monitor that displays observations and records of culture behavior in real-time via built-in microscope camera function and provides real-time information of the zone performance and other work area parameters such as gas pressure and flow rate.
- Multi-Zone Heating System with Four (4) Temperature Modes; The heating system will automatically prioritize power distribution to ensure effective temperature control with fast recovery.
- Heated Glass Stage that has a dedicated power supply to ensure temperature control and recovery in this zone.
- Provision for Microscope Integration.
- Humidification System
- Integrated tri-gas mixer
- H14 / Optional U15 Filter
- LED Lamp