Mini Capsulation Machines


Automated and Manual

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Pharmag Mini Capsulation Machines

Pharmag Mini Capsulation Machines:
1-    Feton FASTLOCK Manual Capsulation System is a reliable manual capsule filling instrument that includes a loader and a powder frame that simultaneously fill 100, 200, 300 or 400 capsules per every single operation. It features corrosion resistance and easy installation and maintenance.

2-    MiniCap Fully Automated Capsulation Machine is used for a hand free, fully automatic hard gelatin capsules filling. It is one of the first automatic bench-top capsule filling machines for pellet and powder filling. It is easy to install on any work bench thanks to its compact size and smart design it also features auto-rejection of un-opened capsules, auto ejection of correct capsules, corrosion resistance, human touch-free capsulation and it is GMP compliant.