High-Throughput Pipetting


Fast & intuitive well pipetting systems

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Mettler Toledo High-Throughput Pipetting

Mettler Toledo High-Throughput pipetting systems:
1-    BenchSmart 96 Semi-Automated Pipetting system offers three volume ranges 0.5-20 µL, 5-200 µL and 100-1000 µL, intuitive touch-screen control and clear graphics, absolute control over the speed of movement and the position of tips over a plate, four trays for simplified and speed workflows, small footprint and automated great features.

2-    Liquidator 96 Manual Pipetting System features two volume ranges 0.5-20 µL and 5-200 µL, fills 96 wells at once eliminating the risk of skipping or repeating wells, simple since it doesn’t need programming or training or even electricity, reliable, affordable and highly reproducible.