Pipette Tips


100% virgin polypropylene

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Mettler Toledo Pipette Tips

Mettler Toledo’s pipette tips are a great fit for most pipette tips brand including Rainin, Eppendorf, Sartorius, Gilson, Thermo and VWR pipettes. Rainin’s pipette tips features BioClean Ultra Pipette Tips for Zero Interference that are manufactured in a fully automated class 100,000 clean room facility to guarantee absolute purity, no dyes or additives are used. 
Rainin’s pipette tips types:
1-    Low Retention Pipette Tips
2-    Large Volume Pipette Tips
3-    Extended Length Pipette Tips
4-    Wide Orifice Pipette Tips
5-    ShaftGard 10 µL
6-    Gel-Well Pipette Tips
7-    Filtered Pipette Tips