Humidity & Temperature Baths


Controlled constant-temperature bath 

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PGC Humidity & Temperature Baths

PGC’s 50 Gallon laboratory bath can be used as circulating controlled-temperature liquids through external apparatus like water-jacketed devices or condensers and as a controlled constant-temperature bath.
50 Gallon bath includes a bath compartment located above the controls and mechanical area. The inner stainless-steel shell is separated into usable bath area with stainless steel shelf and the lower area consists of the stainless-steel cooling coil and the heater. Uniformity is maintained in the bath area with a force circulating pump. 
The bath features a RH control constancy of ± 0.5%, temperature control constancy of ± 0.2 °C, multiple safety cut-offs, corrosion-resistance, simplicity, security and safety.