RH and Temperature Measurement & Monitoring


Humidity and Temperature Measurement

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Rotronic RH and Temperature Measurement & Monitoring

Rotronic’s wide range of Humidity and Temperature Measurement:

1-    BL-1D – Datalogger for barometric pressure, humidity temperature & dew point.
2-    HC2A-ICXXX - High temperature industrial humidity probe for temperatures up to 200 °C
3-    HC2A-IE02-XX SCREW-IN PROBE - Stainless steel probe for pressurized conduits & vessels.
4-    HC2A-IMXXX-M - High temperature steel industrial probe.
5-    HC2A-S3 - Standard meteo probe.
6-    HYGROFLEX3-HF3-HVAC Transmitter measures relative humidity and temperature in offices.
7-    HYGROFLEX5-HF5-HVAC Transmitter calculates psychrometric parameters.