Stereo microscopes


Enabling high-contrast observation of oocytes and embryos.

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Nikon Stereo Microscopes for ICSI station

SMZ18/SMZ1270/SMZ800N stereo microscopes; Zoom ratio is 18:1 (zoom range: 0.75X - 13.5X) with SMZ18, 12.7:1 (0.63X - 8X) with SMZ1270 and 8:1 (1X - 8X) with SMZ800N. The Oblique Coherent Contrast (OCC) option enables high-contrast observation of oocytes and embryos.
ECLIPSE Ci/ECLIPSE E200 upright microscopes; The Ci series offers three different models, all of which are compatible with phase contrast observation. The Ci-E and Ci-L feature an LED light source for diascopic illumination which transmits minimal heat and is therefore ideal for sperm observation. The Ci-S is equipped with a halogen light source. The compact ECLIPSE E200 is available in both halogen and LED models.