IMT Matcher IVF Electronic Witnessing System Header

IMT Matcher IVF Electronic Witnessing System

IMT Matcher features:

1. Error prevention – alerts to mistake right before an incorrect transfer of material occur.
2. Replaces all human double-checking – no second human confirmation required reducing staff hours and disruption.
3. Automatic traceability – matches, photographs and confirms the identity of the patient and unique item identifier on all labware, in each procedure.
4. Real-time workflow overview – generates instant ‘traffic light’ view of daily cycle tasks and patient cycle status.
5. Compliance – assists clinics to comply with competent authority requirements; validation and risk assessment support included; fits closely with clinics’ quality management accreditations.
6. Time saving – saves staff hours spent on traceability, witnessing and compliance.
7. Unbroken chain of custody – no gaps in the witnessing chain from registration through to cryo stores – no additional human verification required.