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IMT VitMaster


 IVF Ultra Rapid Vitrification System

IMT VitMaster IVF Ultra Rapid Vitrification System

VitMaster’s faster cooling rate key benefits:

1. Increased post-thaw survival - An increased probability of cells vitrifying successfully, without the formation of damaging ice crystals.

2. Reduced chilling injury - A faster passage through the dangerous temperature zone means lipid phase transition is reduced, allowing sensitive cells, including embryos at all stages of development, to be successfully cryopreserved.

3. Reduced toxicity  - Cryoprotectant concentration can be reduced resulting in less toxicity and maximised post-thaw viability.

4. Larger volumes - Vitrification can be achieved with larger volumes than with traditional plunging.

5. Consistency of freezing and repeatability - Avoiding old traditional system ‘gas pocket’ boiling means results are consistent and repeatable.