Bioquell BQ-50

Bioquell releases the new Bioquell BQ-50 Hydrogen Peroxide Vapor Generator


The new Bioquell BQ-50 is a mobile and robust hydrogen peroxide vapor generator. It can be used hospital-wide for the elimination organisms from exposed surfaces with automated and proven results that can provide assistance in infection control plans with Bioquell Hydrogen Peroxide Sterilant (EPA Reg. No. 72372-1-86703). The new system is ideal for outbreak response, patient rooms, operating rooms, critical care areas, emergency response preparedness and for killing organisms.

Bioquell BQ-50 is enhanced with:
1.    The efficacy only Bioquell’s proprietary 35% hydrogen
2.    peroxide vapor provides
3.    Optional tracking and reporting with the Bioquell QuAD
4.    Direct Cycle Control (DCC) to decontaminate large spaces
5.    Improved airfl ow management enhancing performance
6.    Upgrades allowing for cycles in extreme conditions
7.    RFID bottle reading for safety and quality control
8.    Wireless communication between components
9.    Easy to use, mobile and lightweight components
10.    Options for using multiple systems in high volume areas
11.    Comprehensive safety and user training
12.    A reduction in hydrogen peroxide needed to start a cycle


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