Optical Navigation and Correlation Camera

TESCAN Streamline SEM Sample Navigation with new ONCam


Scanning Electron Microscopes or SEMs are very sophisticated instruments which are used to characterize materials at the sub-micron levels. TESCAN’s latest innovation, Optical Navigation and Correlation Camera (ONCam) remains their mission of increasing user-friendliness.

ONCam uses a 14 MP Basler AG camera built directly to the chamber to provide a photo-realistic image of samples on the specimen stage at all times. In conjunction with TESCAN’s industry-leading Wide Field optics, sample navigation is taken to a new level as the SEM SE and BSE contrast image could be directly correlated with ONCam photo. Using the quick “click and move” function lets you to confidently identify points of interest like pencil marks and instantly navigate to your desired point of interest for more detailed investigation.

ONCam is equipped with four independent LED segments that use ONCam’s advanced minimum intensity stacking algorithm to reduce reflections in the optical navigation image and is fully integrated into TESCAN’s Essence™ user interface software.

The seamless correlated imaging capabilities permits direct overlay of the color optical and EM images with adjustable levels of transparency, resulting in a single comprehensive macro-image. Users can also automatically save both the 14MP color photo and the corresponding SEM micrographs for future reference. Furthermore, image acquisition routines can be sped up by selecting points of interest directly on the ONCam navigation image and exporting the coordinates to the optional Essence™ Image Snapper module, which then automatically acquires the images at the desired locations and settings. While broadly applicable to all kinds of materials, geologicals and biologicals, the new system is ideally suited to use with UHR SEM columns that use short working distances as well as those who use Low Vacuum mode where TESCAN´s Wide Field Mode imaging is limited. Here, ONCam extends the field of view to an expansive 165 x 125mm. TESCAN’s intuitive Essence user interface differentiates their systems from all others. It offers every user the flexibility to tailor the interface to their own personal requirements. As such, they can streamline their workflow for extreme efficiency. TESCAN Essence™ is if offered on TESCAN 4th generation SEMs and FIB-SEMs.