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TESCAN continues developing a suite of high standard imaging, modification and microanalytical instruments for the scientific community. As pioneers of the integrated ToF-SIMS, Xe plasma FIB-SEM and the Raman Integrated Scanning Electron microscope. With more than 3000 installations worldwide, TESCAN instruments can be found globally from central analytical facilities at the cutting edge of science to industrial laboratories performing our daily QC work. TESCAN’s product range can be generally grouped into: SEM’s FIB-SEM’s (Ga and Xe plasma) micro-CT (Computed Tomography) With advanced optics, electronics and software married to optimized hardware, TESCAN provides performance and versatility. This helps to tailor systems to the customer’s specific requirements, as well as providing the flexibility to add extra detectors down the track, thus futureproofing your investment. With various chamber sizes and variable pressure options, TESCAN’s systems can handle samples of nearly any size and type. TESCAN’s front-line micro-CT systems enable image acquisition, 3D reconstruction, 3D visualization, and quantification. High-speed imaging allows dynamic or 4D CT that can reveal structural changes over time as a function of changing variables like load. SEM Systems Achieving a sub-nanometer resolution, the TESCAN SEM systems will reveal the smallest details about the structure of the material. TESCAN’s one-of-a-kind Wide Field Optics™ let you quickly trace areas of interest at magnifications as low as 2x before zooming in to understand their makeup. Providing great resolution at low beam energies making it perfect for imaging beam sensitive and non-conductive samples. Excellent low energy performance makes it perfect for surface topography measurements. For the micron and the sub-micron level there are SEM VEGA and SEM MIRA systems and for the nanoscale and sub-nanoscale there are SEM CLARA and SEM MAGNA systems. Key features UHR imaging of non-conductive beam sensitive samples at low-kV A routine investigation of heavy-metal stained ultra-thin sections with excellent contrast using the In-beam BSE detector at extremely low kV Easy-to-use STEM detector as a cost-effective alternative to routinely used TEM Compatibility with major cryo-system suppliers on the market Easy-to-use, fully customizable, application-oriented and modular user interface FIB-SEM Systems Focused ion beam scanning electron microscopy (FIB-SEM) combines two beams (electron and ion) in a single instrument. The FIB column is used for cross sectioning or sample modification, while the SEM column delivers high resolution imaging, in many instances concurrent with FIB milling. The geometry of FIB-SEM systems is such that the electron and ion beam focal points coincide, making simultaneous SEM imaging during FIB milling possible – a significant leap in terms of performance and throughput for FIB operations that demand great levels of precision. TESCAN offers two different ion species for FIB sources: gallium ions and xenon ion plasma. Ga ion source FIB is favored for all applications that need great precision for fabrication and nano-patterning. Xenon plasma FIBs bring much greater ion beam currents compared to Ga-FIB to eliminate large volumes of material in times frames that can be up to 50× shorter than Ga-FIB. In terms of precision, our high-resolution xenon plasma FIBs achieve a resolution of < 15 nm for applications that require both high speed milling and precision. There is a full range of FIB-SEM Systems such as TESCAN SOLARIS, TESCAN SOLARIS X, TESCAN AMBER, TESCAN AMBER X. MICRO-CT Systems Offers high throughput and flexibility; providing novel dynamic CT workflows enabling a wide range of 4D applications. Studying the evolution of a sample non-destructively. Our micro-CT solutions are designed to facilitate high-throughput and dynamic CT workflows, increasing your in-situ research capabilities. Micro-CT offers direct 3D information on the porosity, mineral distribution and microstructure of geological samples with micrometer resolution. Because of the one-of-a-kind design of the TESCAN micro-CT systems, it is possible to quantify fast dynamic in situ processes in the lab. It is specifically designed to facilitate high-throughput, multi-scale and dynamic CT workflows.