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PTWS 1420


14+2 Station Dissolution Testing Instrument

The New 14+2 Station Dissolution Testing Instrument PTWS 1420


The PTWS 1420 from Pharma Test is a 14+2-position, “dual drive” compact tablet dissolution testing instrument for solid dosage forms as described in USP chapter (711/724) and BP, DAB as well as to Japanese Pharmacopeia section 15 and EP section (2.9.3/4). PTWS 1420 comes with 14 testing-positions with two extra standard-size vessels for media refilling and reference standard media. PTWS 1420 has an independent stirrer speed control for the right and left half of stirrers.

Perfect Biowaiver Solution

PTWS 1420 is the first tablet dissolution testing instrument from Pharma Test including 14 full size stirred vessel positions. The vessels are arranged in a double 6+1 arrangement. Your samples and the media (standard/reference) will be stirred and heated by the instrument. Also, the instrument includes extra two heated full-size vessels to store the replacement media for systems including an auto sampler. This way the replacement media, that is filled into the vessels after sampling, always has the same temperature as the test media – removing any influence on the dissolution test caused by the refilling of cold media. The 14+2 vessel design of PTWS 1420 makes this instrument a great choice for Biowaiver applications and offline automated systems.

Password Controlled

If required, you can control the access to the instrument by password. For faster set up, certain operational parameters that form a regular feature of the daily routine can be incorporated into a test method. Such parameters can be tool speed, target bath temperature, sampling time points etc. The test method memory capacity is almost limitless. A screen saver can be activated as soon as the test is started with the most important information displayed in large script, like count-down timer so that this information remains visible even at time when the operator is not standing directly in front of the instrument so that this information remains visible even at time when the operator is not standing right in front of the instrument.

User Interface

In keeping with our pioneering design, a large color, touch screen permits the control of a various mechanical features of the PTWS 1420 for example, the tool stirring speed, lift drive and heater. PTWS 1420 control is a menu driven using a resistive touch screen and selection wheel technology. Visual signals on the display notify the user of the status of critical instrument parameters, e.g. bath target temperature not reached.

Stirring Tools

PTWS 1420 uses the Pharma Test MonoShaft™ design. Tools consist of the main shaft plus adapters (interchangeable tool heads). The main shaft stays in place in the instrument regardless of the adapter being used. The clearance of each tool from the vessel base will always be correct once the main tool shaft is installed and qualified with one of the tools sets. Each stirrer can be elevated by hand into a suitable position for easy vessel removal or insertion. PTWS 1420 can perform a staggered start for each of the 14 testing-positions, which is essential in manual operation.

Auto Vessel Centering System

The instrument has a new auto vessel centering system by a plastic ring that attends to both center and hold the dissolution vessel. The access points for the openings of the tools as well as sampling are contained in a low evaporation, auxiliary, vessel cover. Each USP Borosilicate glass vessel has an exclusive batch code on top of the flange for easy visibility and positioned placement in the water bath cover.

ADS-L Closed Loop Online System: for an online automated system you can use the J&M TIDAS L UV/VIS spectrometer with a 16-position multiple-cell-changer. The spectrophotometer and pump are controlled by the powerful WinDiss ARGUS dissolution software running on the integrated PC of the TIDAS L spectrometer.


  1. Fully USP <711/724> and EP <2.9.3/4> compliant
  2. 14 stirred vessel positions, 2 additional heated vessels for replacement media
  3. Dual drive configuration with two stirrer motors
  4. CAN Bus technology offering instrument suitability check prior to start of a test run
  5. Staggered start capability
  6. Vessel low evaporation sealing covers
  7. Removable water bath for easy cleaning
  8. Drainage tap to empty the bath
  9. Method management and user administration
  10. User access control
  11. Optical and acoustic signals to inform about sampling intervals,
  12. Timer count down function

And more!


  1. 14 stirred vessels in one instrument is ideal for Biowaiver applications and offline automated systems
  2. Dual drive configuration with independent speed control for left and right side of instrument enables flexible use of the PTWS 1420
  3. Replacement media is stored in two additional heated vessels eliminating influences from cold media refilling
  4. Easy to use auto vessel centering system
  5. Eco friendly double walled vacuum molded water bath for improved temperature insulation
  6. Screen saver functionality offers most important information at a glance (stirrer speed, bath temperature, time to next sampling interval, elapsed time, media temperature etc.)
  7. Wake up functionality to start heating at a pre-programmed time
  8. Programmable infinity test
  9. MonoShaft™ system to avoid re-adjustment of immersion depth after tool exchange
  10. Staggered start features for convenient manual sampling
  11. Water diffuser for even temperature distribution
  12. IQ/OQ documents included free of charge