Melting Point & Dropping Point


Fast and accurate results

Mettler Toledo Melting Point and Dropping Point

Mettler Toledo’s automated melting point and dropping point instruments are comprehensive and simple-to-use.

Melting Point Apparatus

Measurements Made Easy

Melting point determination has never been so easy! With simple operating routines and an intuitive color touch screen, you can perform measurements quickly. Just one click is needed to start, and the instrument does the rest for you. Attend to other important tasks while the measurement is being performed.

Increase Your Efficiency

Having the right tools at your disposal is paramount to achieving an efficient workflow. METTLER TOLEDO's Excellence Melting Point Systems are designed to ensure that your routine processes run smoothly. Store methods and results directly on the instrument, measure multiple samples simultaneously, and export or print results automatically after an experiment – all while meeting GLP/GMP requirements.

Trust Your Results

Never miss a measurement again with METTLER TOLEDO's Excellence Melting Point Systems. Observe your measurements in real time via a video or replay it to verify your results. View intensity curves and results directly on the color touch screen during or after the experiment. Performance and precision can be verified by calibration using certified reference substances.

Dropping Point Apparatus

Increase Your Efficiency

Speed up sample preparation by using our innovative tools: prevent contamination and prepare up to four samples at once. Save time by measuring two samples simultaneously and automatically, and export or print results directly after an experiment.

Comply with Standards

METTLER TOLEDO Dropping Point Excellence Systems conform to ASTM International standards and other norms. Furthermore, standard-compliant cups and measurement methods guarantee comparable results.


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