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CelCulture® CO2 Incubator


Rapid temperature and gas recovery

Esco CelCulture CO2 Incubator

Sleek,  reliable and  intuitive, Esco  CelCulture®  CO2  incubators are  packed  with  outstanding features  such as rapid parameter recovery, ISO Class 5 Cleanliness,  ISOCIDETM antimicrobial coating, standard Inner Door Kit that reduces contamination risk, and other accessories for specialized applications.
The incubator is an intuitive, fully-equipped control and monitoring system, while the ULPA Filter is 99.999% efficient, superior to conventional HEPA filters and it filters air continuously as the chamber returns to ISO Class 5 cleanliness in 11 minutes upon door closing to prevent contamination.
CelCulture® CO2 Incubators now has a specific line of incubators for applications in IVF. These are packed with outstanding features to ensure stable environment for optimal embryo growth and faster parameter recovery every time the door is opened.
These Incubators for IVF are equipped with a sophisticated firmware and robust hardware components to facilitate faster recovery time for temperature, CO2, and O2. Faster recovery times render less stress to culture to ensure the integrity and full development of the embryos.


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