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Embryo Culture Dish for the MIRI® TL

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The Esco Medical CultureCoin® is a sterile, single use, culture vessel specifically developed for use in IVF. The dish holds up to 14 embryos in the centrally placed line of culture wells. The culture well features a 300μ, optically clear area where the embryo is situated and is an area optimized for microscopy. The culture wells are numbered (1-14) for easy location of each well by the user. Each culture well has two washing wells for cell manipulations, washing media or replacement media.
The lid is mounted inside the circumference of the dish covering the culture area completely – the user will only grab the dish during handling and not risk losing the dish by holding on to the lid only – as can be the case on all traditionally designed dishes. A large well is provided outside the culture are for pH measuring without affecting the cultured samples. The dish has a flat bottom so it is ideal for heat transfer from below.


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