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MIRI® II Multiroom Incubator


Stable culture environment

Esco MIRI II Multiroom Incubator

MIRI® II Multiroom Incubator dedicates one chamber for one patient to ultimately secure a minimum-stress environment for embryos. The chambers are completely independent of each other. Any disruption on one chamber (e.g. temperature drop after opening the lid) has zero impact on the rest of the system, this allowe embryologist to culture embryos from individual patients in individual chambers.
The heated Lid prevents condensation and improves temperature regulation and recovery enhancing uniformity within each chamber. The heated bottom provides direct heat transfer to the culture dishes for stable heat regulation.
There is also the touchscreen PC that allows user to control and monitor important parameters (temperature, gas concentration) simultaneously and gives visual and audible alarm to signal critical conditions. It has large display that can be easily seen from a distance.


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