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Sparmed IVF Lab Disinfectants

- Oosafe® IVF Laboratory Disinfectants are designed for IVF laboratory use.
- Bactericide, fungicide (Candida), algicide and selectively virucide.
- Each lot is MEA and HSSA tested.
- No alcohol, no smell, no VOC release.
- Oosafe®  IVF Laboratory Disinfectants can be used until expiry date even after opening the security seal of the bottle.
- Each disinfectant has security seal which serves:
a- Safe transportation: No spill while in transportation.
b- Quality Assurance: No external factor, you are the first person opening the bottle.

- IVF use approved by scientific studies and customer feedback.
- Oosafe® IVF Laboratory Disinfectants have been used by leading IVF clinics in more than 100 countries.
- Long shelf life, expire 3 years after manufacturing.


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