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Increased turnover and high reproducibility

Slee Cover Slippers

SLEE MCS I & II Automated Coverslipper is an innovative cover slipping technology that allows an increased turnover and high reproducibility. The MCS cover slippers work with highest quality standard, cover slipping is done for each single glass separately fast and without bubbles. This method guarantees a reliable throughput. The cover slipper MCS I can be directly connected to the stainer MAS. The modular design simplifies the step of manual hand over of the sample holders to full automation – also in times of small budgets. The combination uses a minimum of spaces. The cover slipper MCS II offers a high turnover of up to 400 slides per hour regulated by a 7-step speed control. The system is applicable to microslide racks of different automated staining systems and can easily be integrated into the work flow of a routine laboratory.


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