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Custom-made assemblies from a broad range of accessories

Slee Microtomes

The manual precision microtome from SLEE is a standard unit for Paraffin sections and research-, plastic- and industrial applications. Where the Semi-automatic precision microtome offers additional advantages against our manual microtomes whilst retaining all essential features of this series. The modular design allows custom-made assemblies from a broad range of accessories. The fully automatic precision microtome offers an even greater comfort than manual and semi-automatic microtomes whilst retaining all essential features of this series. Slee also offers the new cromatec linear stainer that greatly improves productivity and cost effectinevess for routine histology and cytolog staining as well as the Fast cooling unit for microtomes that consist of a compressor cooling system with a flexible tube and a cooling block which can be adapted onto a standard object clamp of different kinds of microtomes. Lastly, aquatec system consist of a low profile disposable blade carrier AQ with integrated transfer bridge and a heated water bath. It can be used along with all current rotary microtomes of the SLEE medical series: CUT 4062, CUT 5062 and CUT 6062. It only takes a few minutes to upgrade the microtome from the common paraffin sectioning technique to the aquatec method.


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