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High-Pressure Homogenizers

Avestin Homogenizers & Pressure Control

Avestin’s range of High-Pressure Homogenizers:

1-    Aseptic Homogenizer with 6 zones - Four separate zones, including the product zone, are steam-sterilized and separated two pump zones. The process temperature can be monitored at the inlet and outlet of each of the four steam-sterilized zones.

2-    Automatic Pressure Control with Digital Display - This accessory can be added to any continuous Emulsiflex model without modification. The user sets the pressure, which will be maintained and displayed on the touch-screen HMI during the entire process time. The set pressure is maintained even if the product properties change during homogenization.

3-    EmulsiFlex-B15, minimum sample of 3 mL and capacity of 15 mL (batch).

4-    EmulsiFlex-C50, minimum sample of 25 mL and capacity of 15-50 L/hr.

5-    EmulsiFlex-C5, minimum sample of 7 mL and capacity of 1-5 L/hr.

6-    EmulsiFlex-C55, minimum sample 100 mL and capacity of 55 L/hr.

7-    EmulsiFlex-C3, minimum sample of 10 mL and capacity of 3 L/hr.

8-    EmulsiFlex-C160, minimum sample of 250 mL and capacity of 160 L/hr.

9-    EmulsiFlex-D20, minimum sample of 50 mL and capacity of 20 L/hr.


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