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Mettler Toledo Weighbridges & Truck Scales

Mettler Toledo offers a wide range of truck scale systems and solutions with proven structural designs for demanding applications.

Mettler Toledo’s truck scale systems:
1-    Truck scales for over-the-road trucks with a steel deck or concrete deck that feature proven structural designs for demanding applications, premium materials and manufacturing for lasting performance and multiple configuartion option where you choose full-length, multi-axle, or single-axle configurations.
2-    Portable truck scales that are easy to move from one site to another that feature reliability and accuracy that can be relocated as needed and have modular structures can be disassembled for transport.
3-    Truck scales upgrade that are retrofit older scales by adding the latest vehicle weighing technology to eliminate problems and extend the life of your scale and feature increased reliability by eliminating the causes of frequent downtime and high repair costs and protect profitability
by solving hidden weighing errors that drain profit from transactions.

4-    Off-Road weighbridges that are used for off-road hauling with extreme duty by weighing up to 500t with unmatched POWERCELL performance and rugged construction by handling massive loads and challenging environments year after year.
5-    Vehicle scale terminals featuring clear information which scale operators benefit from color screens, easy controls, and simple setup, enhance integration  by connecting to printers, remote displays, and weighing software to manage information and improve accessibility by processing weighing transactions at any time with unattended weighing terminals.
6-    Vehicle scale additions with a full line of peripherals.
7-    Weighbridge load cell / truck scale load cell.
8-    Combination truck and rail scales.


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